I had an idea


I had an idea for the finish I wanted, and a thought that dissolving crayon with mineral turpentine was the answer. I was on the right track but it wasn't going as well as I'd hoped. Colouring oil based pastel over the air-dried clay, then brushing it with the turps was sortof going well, but I still had a very light looking creature - watercoloury. It wasn't until I swashed deep ultra blue dye concentrate over it that it worked properly, seeping into the clay and coating the crayon but letting the flecks of colour shine through. Using a silver metallic pen to ink my fingers and smudging it over the detail of my creature, then pouring red and orange ink into it's mouth. Now it's just how I wanted it. It's dangerous though, the teeth are nails and they are pointed sharp. He smells like shoe nugget, feels like leather, and is my addition to the Sea Creatures exhibit at work.