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'sup my scrollies - links you to the funniest giggly site I've ever seen outside the Chronicles of George.

Walking back from lunch with Rosie, and trying to think of something to write about in here. It's not that nothings happening in my life..but right now it seems that work is taking up so much of my mind, and it has done for so long now, I can't squeeze anything else of any interest out.

*drumming my fingers on the homekeys thinking.. i could talk about knitting? no. um. my flat? no, that sucks. OH.. I know!*

Kristy's pregnant! now that's very interesting. Due in early May 2003.

There, I did it. I found something to tell you. Now I can go back to work.

*later on*

so, its nearly 6pm. Its quiet in the office, I'm the only one here. The afternoon was productive and pleasent - the insanity of the morning taking the lift to the ground floor around midday. Talking with the new guy and listening to ideas, has left me feeling hopeful and excited in a mildmannered geeky kind of way. He has that effect. After our one-on-one meeting the other day I felt a lot better about things, and I noticed others leaving his office with more of a spring in their step. Confessing/unburdening/whatever.. I'm sure he was feeling a lot less so with the extra weight he had to carry with all our words spilling out. He seems a good egg. Level. Solid. I asked him how he was finding New Zealand (thats a kiwi expression.. of course he had already *found* New Zealand, he's here) and he grimaced and shrugged and looked out the window and said "you are all weird" and that made me laugh. I guess it is a culture shock - we speak english but thats not enough to be the same. He seems to be liking it well enough, for now. Has plans to stay, for now. I hope he finds the kiwis he encounters nicer than the ones that Kiki met - some of us are really really horrible. The other new guy, younger, blonder, taller, faster.. has the same intense listening eyes. It's rather disarming to have someone actually listen when you speak. But then, saying that, maybe he's finding our accent difficult to get used to.

I've been feeling let down. Let down by people not doing their jobs properly, and let down by not doing a better job of my own duties.

I keep typing and deleting. .. I guess I'm unsure how to put how i feel into words, and also unsure that this is where I should be putting them.