So the jamjar has had

So the jamjar has had a bit of a makeover. It has dodgey links and faulty content, so watch where you are stepping. Achives are a bit shakey: Projects and Teatime are nonexistant: Parklife will expand to include all the old stories it used to hold from all you crazy peoples who do crazy things then tell me about them.

New month, new life, new start, new design - fresh start.

I've had a time lately, when a couple of people have used what they've read on these pages to hurt me. I considered taking the entire thing down and walking away from everything here. The thing is - I like tinkering around in my corner of the web. I like pouring words onto the screen and taking photograhs of things that catch my eye. I like trying to draw Grumpy Graphics Girl and most of all, I like being able to look back and read myself and see where I've come from and remember those I've met and things I've learned. I guess the risk I run with putting some personal information is that some people will use what they know and what they learn in a negative way. Many people keep their online/offline seperate from each other. I don't. The people in my everyday life read this - people I work with, my family, my relations, my neighbours, my classmates. People who sit next to me everyday at work, on the ferry, across the table at Christmas and you know what? it doesn't matter what you decide to say about me, because people who know me - know better.

Thankgoodness for the rest of you who just use it to keep me company.