I was going to say

I was going to say something then.

Couple of people have asked where on the beautyandtruth.com website I snaffled the content for my last entry - the thing is I didn't get it from the website, it was in the email newsletter that arrives from there every Thursday. If you liked what you saw, why not go sign up for your weekly dose of Beauty and Truth.

If that last paragraph was perceived to have *tone* it is unintentional. [stop reading something into everything]

I still can't remember what it was I was going to say.

An expectation: without even realising that I do, [and then I realise and say "of course you do, why wouldn't you?"] I expect people I call friends to observe unmentioned standards. Honesty, Loyalty and Trust. Discretion and decency. There is a fine line between humour and vulgarity and although I straddle it falling on the wrong side on many occasions, I become irritated when aquaintences do the same.

Nope.. no sign of the stuff I wanted to say.

Balls - I admire people with fortitude. Confidence and articulation, even when considered brash, are such interesting qualities. So even though I grump at you and tell you you're a pain and rude and loud and roll my eyes when you ask people infinitely personal and inappropriate questions, like the slimey stuff on the underside of tiles, you seem to be growing on me. But, please - put your boots back on.

It amazes me that the people I know who are in the business of "communication" seem to be the worst at it.

Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? What do you want to do?