Yesterday, for the second time

Yesterday, for the second time in less than a week, the Lift fell from Floor 9 to Floor 4 to scare the beejeebies out of me. This time, we went up to the top floor to advise the Building owners of the problems with Lift 3. I got the distinct impression the polite receptionist took our 'statement' but didn't believe us. Late yesterday afternoon, a Lift maintenence man came in to talk with our Office Administrator and basically said we were all imgagining the problems with Lift 3. Don't you hate that? I know when I'm falling man and I was falling - it wasn't a faulty LCD display and it wasn't a 'particularly' fast ride, that lift FELL and made us deep_knee_bend and grab for the railing as it stopped falling at Floor 4. No more pussy-footing-around, I'm writing to the Occupational Safety and Health people and see what *they* have to say about all this. [insert grrring sound here]

outside my window

Meanwhile, back in the jungle.. I miss James. He's ponced off to England. Unfortunately, he took his ears so I have no one to tell things to. Important things - things like how so many women are wearing really fugly shoes at the moment, and exploring the ideas presented in Buffy last night [more dirty dirty vampire sex but this time Buff was invisible]. The Bagal run up and died. I've been down to Abe's Bagals a couple of times for coffee but fetching Bagals alone is too sad. Beverley is using James' office and so I tried to fill the void by looking out the window as I did when James was there but it just wasn't the same.. it was too light in there for a start.. James always sat in the dark. [James, what are you doing sitting in the dark? oh, the usual things. James? scorched almonds? no, it's just the way I'm standing]

and he calls ME a freak?