So I went to the

So I went to the Adobe Endless Possibilities - T3 Roadshow this morning at the Stamford Plaza. They promised "Tips to keep your finger on the pulse, with a tool for every situation" and "Tricks that keep you at the cutting edge, ahead of the pack" and not to mention "Techniques that enable endless creative possibilities". I mean to say .. endless creative possibilities... how flipping cool would *that* be. But do you know what? They didn't deliver any of those things at the 9:00am-10:30am session of Brush up your skills: Photoshop 7.0 and Illustrator 10.0 in fact, all they *did* do was high light the fact that being underprepared for a demonstation wastes_my_time. And Lord knows, I can tolerate a large amount of my time being wasted - but the chairs were uncomfortable and the techiques offered weren't "new" (for anyone who has used Photoshop 7 for five minutes) and they didn't even give you a PEN ! In fact, the goodies were baddies - One stupid pc based (not even cross platform your wallies - some of us have macs AND pcs you know we could do with trial versions for both systems) cd with trial versions of some of their software but not a trial version of Photoshop 7. There was no wee baggie with brochures and free coupons, there was no groovy ramped up advertising cd and worst of all. there was no pen. NO PEN. The Adobe people should truck along to Macromedia and get a few PR and Marketing ideas cos even as annoying as that Greg Rawkus (whatever) can be, at least he gives away free stuff! This rant has been brought to you today by Adobe - maker of fine computing software products, and by the number 2.