When my life is full/difficult/eventful

When my life is full/difficult/eventful - I go quiet. A few things have happened in the last couple of weeks. I'll tell you about three of them and keep the last one to myself.

Number One: Last Monday I moved again. Kinda tired of moving, to tell the truth. I hope I can stay put for a while this time, but I have to admit, I don't much like my new place. Everyone keeps saying "once it's mish-i-fied it'll be fine" I hope they're right. It rained all day during the move and my mover hit on me for the whole five hours it took. He had nice transparant things to say about my hair, my eyes, my stuff, my personality, my body and he even thought i'd never "get grumpy" well - he tried, you know? Not my type for a couple of reasons. The fact I had about five hours sleep over the previous 48 before the move kept my smart mouth under control. My huge computer desk was a problem - it wouldn't fit down either side of the house. Thankfully, Greg and Simon managed to dismantle it in the pouring rain at 11:30pm and carry it down to my place. I'm damn lucky they have big hearts.

So here I am now in my new place and slowly, oh so slowly, unpacking.

Number Two: The move was, of course, because Kiki was going home to Salt Lake City. She flew out Friday 31st May. The decision was made back on Easter Monday - the day I moved in [no no it wasn't my fault, I promise]. It was the absolutely right decision for Kiki to make, and maybe, with a pinch of hindsight, she should have gone back then and there but thankgoodness for me she didn't - because I got to hang out with that crazy kid for 8 weeks and we had a blast. I miss her but I'm so glad she's home with her family and her dogs. Our last week was full of dinners and drinks and farewells. I hope horrible New Zealanders she encountered while here fade from her memory and she remebers how much she was loved by some of us.

I'm better for knowing her.

Number Three: After seeing Kiki off on her flight, I went to see Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones - the first available opportunity since it's release. I laughed inappropriately loud[ly] at all the wrong places. Three good bits [yes we are counting everything] 1: the sonic blasts in the asteroid belt 2: anakin and his two light sabers and 3: the fabric movement of the Celine Dion-like cloners clothes. Everything else was dumb. I went in looking forward to this movie and came away saying it was dumb. 45 squillion dollars on special effects and spending $5.50 on the script might not be the best use of funds. I liked Natalie Portman, especially when the pussy cat scratched her and her clothes fell off.