I hate doing things twice.

I hate doing things twice. I blogged already but I lost it in a fit of blondeness.. it wasn't well written but it was written. Do you really need to know I [rosie and kiki and I] went on a bit of a soft-bender on Friday night? do you need to know that we all went out for dinner with Tim and Siggy and Neil from Qbix? do you need to know we found a table full of Italian waiters in a closed CinCin? And do you really need to know about the skinny british guy under the lamplight in the Viaduct Basin carpark? No, I figured you didn't. The weekend was quiet. I tried twice to register my car and get it's Warrant of Fitness. Not that I failed so much be was distracted to the point of leaving things too late, so I'm still illegal - just as well I don't need my car during the week. If you haven't caught up with the news that I've moved, you've probably also not caught up with the fact I have to move again. I shifted to Devonport on Easter Monday. My new roommate has decided to move back to the States beginning of June so I'm on the move again sometime before then. Wanna help? I'll have less junk this time, cos I'm gonna have a clear out. no, really, i am.