Kiki and I went to

Kiki and I went to Rosie and Tim's place for dinner. Rosie drew a map for me with very good and clear instructions on how to get to their lovely home. She didn't realise though, that two 40something blondes need more help than that. I couldn't get onto the motorway from Devonport. I'm used to going South not North and couldn't for the life of me find an onramp. 27 minutes I looked and drove and finally asked a service station man (and of course, didn't believe him and made him tell me 3 times then when i followed his directions he was wrong - but he wasn't too far off) and finally we got onto the motorway and it was easy peasy from there.

It's so nice to be with good people. We had the most delightful evening. Now we get to invite them over to our place [flurry of tidying and purchasing food and scrumptious nibbles].