Rosie, Rosie, sweet and cosy,

Rosie, Rosie, sweet and cosy, she sometimes makes me cry. (No she doesn't really) Today I brought Two Minute Noodles to work for lunch. Two of the people I work with have Noodles regularly enough to have their own bowls here at work and I was worried about the etiquette surrounding using one of them for my noodles. When Rosie hurries back into the office with a present for me.. unwrapping the tissue paper to find my own noodle bowl. She's soooo sweet. She sometimes brings noodles too so we'll share it - draw up a roster and stuff.

Its a muggy, wet day in Auckland today. I'm not leaving the coolness of the office airconditioning until I have to. I caught a later Ferry this morning, I'm still not feeling right so didn't rush around to catch the 7:30am. I noticed quite a number of people onboard the 8:15am who usually travel on the earlier sailing, so maybe it's not just me feeling a bit slow today.