I have a tummy ache.

I have a tummy ache. I seem to have had one since yesterday.. in fact, I'd go as far as to suggest I'm not very well. An early start to my day - dropped Sonia off at the airport this morning and meandered in by 7:30am. First order of business? blog!

Except, I don't have anything to say.

I could add to the Friday Night post by telling you about the Jeweller who hit on Duana and was scared off when it became apparent she was my betrothed lover with a soft spot for teletubbies - I forgot all about him til I found his business card in my pocket on Saturday - but I won't. I could tell you you should avoid any clump or group of shops at this time of the year, but you - unlike me - already know this. I could tell you how I turned into a petulent 12 year old on Saturday evening when Greg had me help him buy MY favourite digital camera for himself for christmas, but then you might find out how unreasonable I can be at times, especially when I'm tired.

Mostly I have nothing to say.

Michelle says to Steve2: *blinking* two more sleeps
Steve2 says to Michelle: until...?
Michelle says to Steve2: santa comes
Steve2 says to Michelle: oh, xmas.
Steve2 says to Michelle: man if i found some guy in a jumpsuit with a sack over his shoulder full of undisclosed items roaming around my house at 2am, i'd beat him to a pulp - no questions asked.
Michelle says to Steve2: *talking to du...
Steve2 says to Michelle: i was talking to a toilet paper dispenser the other night, and it spoke back to me.

Steve suggested this Bear Test and I enjoyed it - you might too. Don't look at my results until after you do the test.

just a line drawing