I was wondering what all

I was wondering what all the police cars and traffic diversion and fire trucks were doing, not to mention the sea of highly visible workmen clumped across the road after being evacuated from the site. I saw lots of things happening on the way to work this morning: Construction site accident, Royal (the Prince of Japan or the Japanese Prince or something or other) Cavalcade (well, not strictly a cavalcade as it wasn't so much a display and there were no horses) leaving (lots of screaming Japanese girls.. well okay.. like.. seven.. and five were waving and the other two were smiling and thinking about waving) the Stamford Plaza (they waved as they went past like they were Royal.. that back hand slow wave thing) escorted by all the rest of the police who weren't helping the poor men who fell during the construction accident, and a news item that has to be read to be believed.

Everyone is Christmas shopping and I don't have one single urge to do so. Not one. Nada. Ziltch. It feels like June.. or February.. or October or anyother time of year it most certainly does not feel like December let alone two weeks until Christmas.

[I watched You Have Mail with Meg "I-can't-stand-her-cute-but-bewildered-look-and-mindless-ramblings" Ryan and Tom "oh-my-god-he-should-have-stayed-on-that-Island-with-Wilson" Hanks last night, and watching them typing their emails, it was SO wrong.. don't they know enough to know that you don't type an email tappity tap tappity tap tap tap tappity tap head tilt tappity tap smile tilt head other way tappity tap tap tap at all.. a *real* emailer is more along the lines of tappity tap delete tap delete delete tappity tap tap tap delete delete deletedeletedelete tap tap square bracket delete backspace tappity tap. Research people.. RESEARCH!!]