Dear Santa,Your webdesigning elves might

that says 'orgasm', doesn't it?

Dear Santa,

Your webdesigning elves might like to do two things to santa/index.html to look more like they are Professional Webdesigning Elves.
1) If you set your margins to zero, the image will bunt nicely against the top and sides of your page.
2) Take note of Firework's habit of taking your gif title and making it your page title in Dreamweaver. If you click Modify/Page Properties in Dreamweaver, you can change this to a more suitable title such as "New Zealand Post - Write a Letter to Santa"

Take care of the details, and those Elves of yours will be up and saving you lots of money in Webdesign and implementation costs in no time flat!!

Just a point to note.. maybe children should be encouraged to have parental permission before spilling their contact information online.

Wishing you a very coding christmas.

from Michelle.

PS: I want a pony for Christmas.

It was a simple plan - take leftovers of cantonese noodles and chicke chowmein, but them back into their polystyrene container and take to work for lunch. Sweet, easy, practical - a bit like me. Rushing to work this morning [notice there's a reason for what happened, it has nothing to do with me being stupid] I grabbled the foil bagged container of leftovers and came to work. Morning busy lunchtime arrive, Michelle goes to fridge to retrieve and reheat chinese takeaways. I opened the foil wrapped back to find a half eaten, old looking, supermarket chicken. Damn, I thought, I've grabbed someone elses baggie. Diving back into the fridge to find there wasn't another bag and in fact I had the right bag - its just it was the wrong bag I'd grabbed from *my* fridge this morning. I couldn't even eat the chicken cos I don't even remember when I bought it - a month ago at least.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get safely through everyday.

our country needs YOU

Guppy says to sphere: Sex (secks) n. -- What I'm not having at the moment.