MmmDreaming..A business that costs millions

MmmDreaming..A business that costs millions to run and makes no money.

An office, hardwood floors and two firebricked walls, a glass wall with a view to the water, a feature wall with some groovy colour no one ever considered using before but man it WORKS and a few difused sunlights above. Beautiful custom constructed shelving groaning under well organinsed tools and supplies. Jars of beautifully soft sable brushes, smudging sticks, square bristled brushes. Boxes of perfectly marked boxes of oil paints, water colours, acrylics, posterpaints. Scrumptiously glazed pots of pencils and markers. Crafted boxes of scalples and cutting tools, steel rules and self healing pads on ergonomically wonderful work tables with shallow paper drawers with brass handles. Nothing is wasted. Everything is utilised. Ordered. We have a kick arse printer and an incredible array of paper. We do classes where classes are - on book making, binding, paper making, pressing, printing, sculpting, folding, sticking - using these skills to springboard our own ideas and projects. Rosie amongst a pile of paper and scissors and glue and glitter, making cards and land mail art objects posting all over the world having groaning sacks of objects sent to her. We are endlessly busy and treat our projects with time lines and deadlines and work so hard we're exhausted by the end of our days and sleep the sleep of the truly satisfied/tossing and turning with the challenges we set for ourselves. Our Computers are so powerful and beautiful.. Macintosh Quicksilvers and 23" flat cinema displays. Chris sits in the corner with his head phones on slouching over some lines of code to make something go that never went before. Sometimes he cooks food too in the compact groovy kitchen - he's quite good like that. Sometimes Kyle cooks too, but often he's busy making the most delicious 3D animated work you'll ever see. Bev smells lovely and puts so much style into the place you can't help but mmm happily. There is a bar in our office, and you all know that we love you to visit on a Friday. The couches are deep and soft and in the winter we light the fire. The snacks we have are catered by some groovy little eatery up in High Street or somewhere snazzy. Rachelle comes back from the UK to our dream with all her knowledge of print and people. Her desk is orderly and completely Mac'd out. There is softly piped cool music but you can listen to your own tunes on your iPod if you like. Laughing happens a lot. Thinking happens a lot. Ideas bounce off the walls sometimes ricocheting off to tangents we never saw coming. There are comic books too - lots of comic books and webspace. Lots of webspace. And fast fast net access.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Chaos is often good to avoid. But not now, Aries. You're in a phase when diving into uncertainty would be fertile and invigorating. May I suggest, then, that you pluck some inspiration from Discordianism? It's one of the rare religions that takes account of Ralph Abraham's assertion that heart physiologists find more chaos in the healthy heart than in the sick heart. Here's a sampling of Discordian tenets.
1. Everyone is a saint, especially you.
2. Meditation consists primarily of cruising around looking for good luck.
3. Eating hot dog buns is prohibited, except on Friday, when it's compulsory.
4. When you're stuck in a rut, you *must* speak in tongues, handle snakes, and experience phantasmagoria.
5. Your guardian angel loves you better when your room is a mess.
6. Bowling alleys are sacred; you must protect them from desecration.
7. The goddess will solve all your problems if you solve all hers.