How much coffee is

to make room for the CUPCAKE How much coffee is too much coffee?

There are different places around where I work to buy good coffee. Abe's Bagels have cute bagel boys and good creamy coffee. Marshall told me the other day that we don't have seriously good bagels here but what you don't know you don't know and they seem to taste wonderful to a girl who orders the same kind evrey time. Lemon Honey on regular. Its a good breakfast type coffee to ease you into a coffee day. If you're lucky you get to order a Penny Special (large latte, half strength, decaf) and so engage in a conversation with said cute bagel boys. Their lemon honey is fabulous too but they keep running out of it. If you really need a caffine buzz though, the place to go is Serious Espresso. Their coffee is edgey and strong. Its not that they put "more" so much as "better" shots into their togo coffee. The cheeky girl told us the beans are freshly roasted daily, and all beans not used are thrown away at the end of the day.

Today I have had two take out coffees from Serious Espresso (so thats four shots) and I am all scatterbrained and misfiring. I think I need one more to get me on track.

they make me laugh:-

ZIM: "Ummm, is it supposed to be stupid?"
Tallest Purple: "It's not stupid, it's advanced."

ZIM: "I put the fires out."
Tallest Red: "You made them worse!"
ZIM: "Worse... or better?"

GIR: "Look! It's my favorite show! No, This is my favorite show! LOOK! IT'S MY FAVORITE SHOW!"

GIR: "I love this show..."

ZIM: "Ahh... the stink of clean!"

GIR: "I'm gonna roll around on the floor for a little bit, 'kay?"

ZIM: "GIR! Finally. I need your help. I've been captured."
ZIM: "No thats bad, GIR."
ZIM: "I need you to listen very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very carefully."
GIR: "What?"

Zim: "Prepare your bladder for imminent release!"

Dib: "You can hide Zim, but you can't... HIDE!!!"

ZIM- Do you know what this means, GIR?
GIR- Yes!
ZIM- You don't really know, do you?
GIR- (says nothing)

Zim: There something wrong and it's not your fault?
Gir: I know. I'm scared too...

Zim: Why is there bacon in the soap?!
Gir: I made it myself!

Zim: GIR! Get away from that amplifier!! You're sending out deadly waves of stupidity!

ZIM: I told you that you would forever rue the day you messed with me! Now, begin your rueing, I'll just sit here and watch.