You know Rachelle? I first

You know Rachelle? I first met her in 1999 at the National College of Multimedia and Technology during my Advanced Multimedia course. She and I were the only two women on the course to actually finish, and she was the only one in the class who enjoyed and developed a talent for, coding LINGO (the programming language of Macromedia Director). She received a special award in programming on completing the course. After I started at Aztech Productions, when we needed to grow our staff there was no hesitation for me at all - she was available and we hired her. Now, two years later Rachelle has just finished working for Aztech and is going to the United Kingdom February 3rd to make her fortune. Here, at the Learning Curve, we needed a contractor well versed in Director. Again, no hesitation, with a recommendation, Rachelle gets to spend her last week in New Zealand working out a contract here with me. How cool is that? Cool.