I'm having trouble getting into

I'm having trouble getting into the swing of thejamjar this year. No problem with the swing of everything else. I'm busy and working and everything else seems to have settled into place nicely.

My dreams of late have been a bit odd - even from the usual. Vivid dreams with shape and colour, scripts and cinematography. Last night's offering had man eating fish - literally. A fish tank in my dream, and a couple of new slug-type creatures were introduced (black and red with a frilly backbone) and while they happily snorted around the pebbles in the bottom of the tank in the background of my dream, all of a sudden the other members of the tank started leaping out. Of course, they weren't your normal fish and all of a sudden the fishtank wasn't in the background but became the real problem of the dream. The salamander 'thing' from the front of O'Reilly's Flash Actionscripting book was nipping at my heels and trying to bite me. I had to shuck offf a shirt to cover it and it writhed and wriggled and wrapped itself into a flannel bundle i left on the living room floor. Other fish too, flying out of the tank, landing on the floor etc. Seems those slug things were poisoning the water and the fish were in agony and leaping from the tank. Then I started coughing and choking and cacking up worms and snakes and goo and arg it was horrible. There was other stuff going on - my place seemed like it was in an American small town, at a truck stop to be more particular. I'm pretty sure Klie was eating bacon and eggs in the cafe. It was all a bit Mid West Photo-realistic. I'm sure glad i woke up.

I am listening to 7 Worlds Collide at every opportunity. I am so sorry i missed the concerts - I would have gone had I been in the country. My favourite track is Stuff and Nonsense with Eddie Vedder and Tim Finn. Just lovely. Makes me want to go and buy all the cd versions of the Split Enz albums I own.

Just another day at the office. From left to right: James, Duana, Nicola and Jonathan.