Package holiday includes box 15.08.2001

Package holiday includes box


AMSTERDAM - A Dutch travel agent is offering a holiday package with a difference - a night in a cardboard box on a Paris street.

The mini-break, which has come under fire from a French charity for homeless people, is aimed at companies wanting to instil a team spirit in staff.

Groups of 10 contestants are left "homeless" for one night without cash or credit cards and compete against work mates to collect money by busking or begging.

Those who want to try their hand at begging are given guitars, while would-be street artists are provided with pencils. The less talented have to resort to panhandling.

"They get a good meal and after that they sleep under a bridge in a cardboard box," said Kamstra Travel director Bart Jansens.

The package, which costs about 450 euros ($961) per person, has yet to find any takers, although Jansens says he has had a number of inquiries.


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