Lauren: the probe landed

image of Eros

Lauren: the probe landed on Eros, or rather, it was a 'controlled collision', it's sending back images to Earth.

James: apparently the probe was going about 7 kilometres/hour

Lauren: it skidded 100 metres before it stopped. It's sending back images so it wasn't damaged.

James: well 7 km/hr's quite fast, well, it's like, walking speed

Lauren: that's not very fast

James: you walk at a brisk pace and hit a wall and you'd know all about it.

Lauren: yes, but I'd also still be able to expect to take pictures afterwards

**just a note** how come, the Mar's Lander, which was designed to land on Mars, was never seen or heard from again after landing, yet this little probe which has been orbiting the Eros asteroid, and had never been designed to land on anything, and wasn't expected to survive the impact let alone be in any shape to send back data - is? weird.