Concorde crashed shortly after takeoff

Concorde crashed shortly after takeoff in France today. It seems to have disturbed me. After hearing it over the phone on Sunday. Seems in the week before this morning's crash I had heard or read about the craft two or three times. It was on my mind. My brow keeps furrowing. Those poor people.

I don't quite know what to do. I have that restless-not-that-happy thing going on. It's work. Nothing serious, not real life just work stuff you know? No, no. I know. I have some goals I need to achieve before I move on. I am not very good at sticking to something that's work. By that, I mean, pure slog. No Joy. I love working hard, find it really satisfying IF i have joy in what I am doing. It's been sucked from my very marrow. Drained from my bones. I need to just put my head down and do it until the New Year. To prove to myself I can do the things I know I can do. Need the tangible evidence that will help my confidence in walking into another play and doing this all again. What I can't understand is, why i have less confidence 6 months into this job than I did after graduation. Bit rambly.

Not really writing sense so I will stop. Buck up mish. The 10th isn't THAT far away. right?