It's the night before Christmas..

It's the night before Christmas.. actually.. it _is_ christmas.. its 12:11am Christmas morning. There is a chicken roasting in the oven. The turkey is done. Seems I found out where my 'doing everything at the last minute' comes from huh?

It was really really fogging nearly all the way down (I'm in New Plymouth, btw.. 'bout 4 hours South of Auckland). It was nice though, sang along to my cd's weaved in and out of traffic, or what there was of it. Only saw one major (ish) accident. A cop flashed his lights at me cos i was speeding so i slowed down and arrived safely. I can't really say how it is to be here. except. I get to go on Boxing Day so .. well.. there you go.

Seems my ISP's Nationwide Number is less Nation as it is wide and I can't connect the iBook. Best laid plans of mice and men and all that, but I don't spose it'll do me any harm to be out of reach for a few days.