Did I tell you about

Did I tell you about the man in the Pub who told me my laugh was horrible? well.. he told me my laugh was awful. He also mentioned my blue eyes were a sign of madness. well. I've been noticing he's in the carpark when I leave work, sitting in his car. and today, I was walking towards my car when i heard a loud cough and turned to see him crossing the road towards the car park. suddenly, I seem to see him everywhere. Weirdo guy. He's a jockey of a man. Older and small and pointed. Not a very nice heart I don't think. He sits at the bar with a man about as opposite to him as you can get - large and bellowy and handlebarmoustachey. I don't like either but prefer the larger man if either is going to talk to me. They sit in our seats, and that annoys me. I don't like sitting on the straight of the bar i prefer the curve.

My brother phoned me today. Yah. He's keen on going to Rotorua for Boxing Day to see the other Parks and the Chalkers. Jo might come too. So it looks like I am driving down to Mum's for Christmas Day and to Rotorua Boxing Day. Thank God I have plans at last. I was feeling like a loser for a while there. Thinking I would sleep away the 25th December and pretend it didn't bother me that I had no where to go. Saying that, I haven't asked mum if I can come to Christmas lunch yet, but I suppose it'll be okay.

My brother got all the cool genes you know. He got the quiet and mysterious cool genes and I got the knock-things-over genes.