So lazy, in fact, it's

So lazy, in fact, it's taken me until now, Monday morning, to write anything. My weekend was weak - I was lazy. I managed a load of washing and to clean the flat up including my filing cabinet but, that's all I managed. I didn't do any of my assignment, I didn't work on anything webby, I didn't work on my albums, I didn't draw anything. I got to phone Adam twice which was a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning then evening. I didn't go to the gym either. I did wrap parcels for [act] and yadda though, and a letter for Adam. Gathered up Magdy's address too for a similar parcel drop. Trying to think of a good 'something' to send the vdbosses for Christmas. And decided it was way beyond time I sent Charles his Golden Syrup.

Behind where I work is a carpark.. and behind that is a large building that has been renovated over the last month or so. Last week they painted the sign "Target Education" on the side. Today, in the paper, there is an advertisement from Target Education offering a 19 week course in Graphic Design. Looks like another Multimedia/Graphics/IT college setting up. Looks like Papatoetoe is becoming the New Media Centre of Auckland at this rate. With Native Design up the road offering courses in web and Internet related software, Aztech Productions (us) offering cdrom production and computer based learner, and now a big freaking college spitting out new recruits, looks like employers'll be spoiled for choice.

My life class ended. The final drawings from the last class were done in a very sticky, very messy, oil pastel - and besides the fact they weren't very good - they are impossible to scan due to media and scale. So that's the end of the artwork for a while. The term begins again in February, no doubt. The new tutor is good. Turns out Mike at work here knows her and Greg did the drains for the Company she works for.. Mango Design. It's a small world.