It's the New Year. I

It's the New Year. I know you know, but can you believe it? It's the 21st Century man! Clean slate as far as the eye can see!

I feel such tremendous optimism. I have new skills, potentially a new career. This year will see me moving into a new living arrangement, meeting new people. I plan to travel more, to Australia at least this year. I have more balance in my life, I actually feel confident quite often and when I don't I know that's just part of being me and that's okay too. I know I impact people's lives and I also know the most interesting people on the Planet. I am attracted to people who are attracted back. I have talents and I am able to learn, and I teach sometimes too. See? There's tons to be excited about!

I spent the New Year time with Freya who made that time so special for me. I was planning on knowing her for a long time but after spending such an important date with her she will forever be in my memories and I am so pleased about that.

She is a joy.

..shhh i stole this.. fray is the black bantam and I am the old white hen...

..this is from an email I wrote just hurtling over some of time spent with Frazzle...

I didnt know what to do for New Years Eve. There was a big concert thingie on in the Auckland Domain so I thought, yeh, go there. So we drove into the city early to check out the population density. For some reason I thought there would be screes of people in town being new years and all and the place looked deserted. so Freya and I went on one of my tiki tours out to the large shopping complex called St Lukes to do a bit of ferreting. while we were there we bought feather wigs and freya bought a feather boa.. we also bought bubble blowing mix because, well, because.

Then off again to the city and to the Domain, very very early i might add, but then I am extremely anal about time and being on time and not being late. It was raining. not just that misty foggy rain, actual real falling wet rain. I bought a programme and the helpful people gave us each a pink rubbish sack to sit on .. we found a small patch of grass and sat on our rubbish sacks huddled together under our umbrella. Freya looked at the programme. it was around 5pm. the concert started at 7:30pm with the first hour and a half being Handels Messiah. Then a concert of the entire world history. oi vey. we looked at each other. okay. we left for a warm pub.

So in the pub we dried off and drank beer and played pool and fed the juke box coins and drew on the scoreboard until 7:30pm when the staff kicked us out because they were closing for the night. We popped into the bathroom and donned our wigs and boas.. and then upstairs to another bar, and Irish bar, where we spent the rest of the evening. The night was slow to start but the man who played the violin/fiddle in the Irish band adopted us and kept us company and played songs dedicated to 'those in hats' etc and we made friends with his friends and just all and all had a wonderful boozey dance filled night.

bra-cark... chicken noises.. i seem to have done that a lot

we wandered Queen Street for a while but it was still raining heavily. There were people but they were just wandering without purpose. We went home around 4am with sore feet. watched a bit of tv then fell into bed. though James wouldnt let me sleep cos she's mean like that.

after sleeping for a while, we drove down to New Plymouth, to the Farm and spent a day and two halves there. It continued to rain, we didnt do anything apart from talk and eat and sleep and watch surfing videos. oh I did take her to the Supermarket. *nods*

her last night here was lovely.. we went out to my favourite restaurant. and it was perfect as usual. the staff are very attentive and they took a shine to us. Made Freya a vodka and chocolate cocktail, sat us in a lovely window seat, then nearer the end of the evening one of the bar staff who had been serving us earlier sat outside our window and blew parafin from his mouth and ignited it with a lighter.

Freya got to see me in all my vague glory.. forgetting where i was driving, not finding parking spaces, heh, i kept forgetting to feed her. but it was sooo lovely having her close.

yesterday when I dropped her off at the airport, i got sick, well i had been having tummy cramps but they got so bad at the airport i was afraid i was going to toss my cookies in the departure lounge so i left her there and went home. she got home okay. and I feel better today.

today I missed knowing she was asleep in the other room. already i miss not hearing 'mishmish'.