So, I have been thinking

So, I have been thinking about my new webpage. There isn't anything there yet - well there is, a big old sandpaper asterisk - but there isn't a page there yet cos it's still in my brain. Go bookmark the site though, so that when I do get my rocks and feathers and puddles uploaded you will know where to go.

I have to use Frames (hates frames)
I have to use scanned stuff (love to scan)
I have to use tables (not a problem)
I want to use stones.
I want to use feathers.
I want to use water - puddles to be exact.

The trouble is, I don't know why I want to use these things in a webpage... and I don't know how I am going to use these things in a webpage. I just know that's what I have in my head.

::UPDATE:: you should know by now not to listen to me. The stones and feathers and water have gone out the window.. and the thought of naked men have taken their place. So it's true, finally revealed... I am in fact a male.. a man.. and naked to boot.

Today we become the Top Dogs. The First Intake of the Multimedia course comes to a close. A few of them showed up today, finishing odds and ends. Alister (the head honcho) bought them Pizza for lunch but really, it was a very quiet low key affair.

Not when we finish! We won't go out with such a whimper. When we go we will take everyone with us.. kinda like the Titanic but without the band. No.. not really, but hells teeth.. after 9 months you should have a bash of some sorts.

I took a look at my page in Internet Explorer and it looks sucky. Sooner I get the new one up and running the better.

I spoke too soon. They went to the Pub. And I did too. To the London Bar on Wellesley Street. I have been there once before. It's nice, English-style pub, not too crowded, and later in the evening, around 8pm there is a jazz band so that's cool.

I told Justin I was gonna be there by 4pm but of course I was an hour late. He was too, so that was okay it all evened out. Zoe was there of course, I was surprised Pam wasn't. Guys I recognised from the other class but has never spoken to, nice people. Just a small group but it grew as the evening wandered on. Sean and Nick came for a few drinks (well Nick was still there when I left) Ross popped in for a quick HI and BYE. Guy even showed up. As I was leaving I spotted Stu and his girl friend. It was an Okay evening.

I think I shocked (well his face showed shocked) a guy from the Computing Class upstairs. Guy asked me "so, you'd know all about cybersex wouldn't you Michelle" and I said "yup, I'm really good at it" (first look of shock appears to my left but one) "so" Guy continues "where do your boyfriends live? overseas mostly?" .. "nah, Idont have boyfriends Guy" then there was a kind of pause.. "it's been a while" I say.. *pause* "what?" I look at the shocked guy hes just.. shocked. . *laughs*

And I suppose I should say things like "I don't know what you mean" or "that's none of your business" but then.. I am not very good about playing games, and I am hopeless at taking the high ground. I am just me. Ask me a question and I will answer it.