I had things to say

I had things to say last night, but Geocities had a password hiccup that silenced my flow of thought. Which, by the time I tried to log on, was rather banked up. Now this morning here I am and I don't think I have used my vocal cords this morning yet.

The things I need to talk about include web browsers, babyboomers, client bases, compassion, learning, hand holding. Often I find myself wishing I was good with words. To be able to write my thoughts down in essay for would surely add weight to them if only for myself. Getting my ducks in a grownup line.

I am going to revamp the look of my pages. Add groovey interactive buttons. Not going over the top, but an update'd be a good idea don't you think? been a long time the same way. Some new content wouldn't go amiss either huh?