And then it was Monday

And then it was Monday again.

I was lying in bed thinking how very easy it would be to drop out of school. I hadn't ever thought of that before. After spending two days in bed last week, it would have been very easy to have spent a third, then another, then, all of a sudden I would have been a drop out.

But I got up, showered, washed my stupid hair, and drove to school. I don't think I would make a very good drop out anyway, before you know it I would have been working again and I don't think a good dropout would work.

There is still something wrong with my brain. Maybe I need to take extra (who am I kidding) ..take vitamins.. as if i take any to consider taking extra. I hate swallowing pills. I am a big girl's blouse and have trouble even getting the oral contraceptive down without gagging. I have the world's most tuned in gagging reflex (yet another attractive feature) but not everything makes me gag, but we won't go there.

So I am sitting in class. I have two assignments due this week. The first due on Wednesday, the infamous My Car video clip (haven't started that yet, so right on course) and Friday the big CDROM project is due. That pretty much looks like it will be in on time. It's not the most exciting of projects but at least it works, and it's in when due etc, and thats the main thing at this stage.

I haven't been very interesting lately, and that worries me. People only put up with boring people for so long, I feel like I am getting near the end of my boring limits. I better find something interesting to talk about soon or *squelch* I am outta here.

Wonder if Quentin survived the weekend.