I have always liked Tuesdays, and I don't quite know why. I always get up early on a Tuesday, tend to skip through my day and meet with some friends who do patchwork and quilting with me.

Maybe that's it. I have been meeting on a Tuesday with some of these women for so long it scares me. Maybe that's why I like Tuesdays. Those little huddles around fabric, the smell of coffee brewing, the new ideas, the quilts, one huge constant in my life.

Yesterday, I popped in, I couldn't stay, and wasn't in the mood either, I stood the whole time. Suzi made me a coffee. Beryl traded my money for the information on the Symposium I am going to this weekend in her place. There was a general buzz around the room and activity everywhere. Old members who have been gone a while have returned. New members have joined the group but I wasn't in much of a mood to make them feel welcome. Next week I will. It's hard if you have cliques and keep to what you know.

A sliver.. a moment in time.. I was a backseat passenger in the ugliest Volvo I have ever seen. Nice leather seats but a driver who insisted on testing both the brakes and therefore the inertia seat belts at every opportunity. As we crawled, the traffic is always bad, crawled along the waterfront, I was day dreaming out the window. I saw a waiter pushing the glass door open to go inside the restaurant on the corner, he kinda pushed it with his shoulder and turned looking outwards as he did. And he looked right at me. In the back of the volvo. He kept looking at me. Stopped going inside, and came back out again. Looking right at me. It was about now I realised that's what he was doing. He was tall, dark, had one of those little half apron thingos waiters wear. A step, and then another, towards the car. Then of course, we were away again, I turned to see him watching the car.

Eye contact. Amazing stuff. That sliver in my day. Sliver of time.