Project: Move it!

I’ve been moving more lately.

When I first started it hurt. Like “use-wheel-chair-access-rather-than-the-stairs-for-three-days” kinda hurt. Now i can do squats without losing the use of my legs. Oh they wobble, but they don’t stop working.

I’m not fit. Not by a very long stretch; but I am fitter.

I can talk while I walk; further, faster, more often. I can take the stairs (to Level 4 so far). If I hadn’t been doing weights there is no way I could’ve scuba-dived in Bali.

One of the things that has worked for me, where it hasn’t worked in the past, is:

  1. making exercise an appointment

  2. setting an end point

Using my superpower for being too embarrassed to be late to a meeting and knowing it’s only for <insert time here> has made exercising manageable. Since I proved my point over the last six months, I’ve decided to do more.

I’ll be moving it every business day for eight weeks. Starting next week with a combination of HIIT, boxing and weights group classes. That’s 40 classes.

I thought I’d let you know what I was doing as part of being accountable to myself. Yeh I know I said that I’d be too embarrassed to break an appointment but come on: it’s me - I bail on myself all the time!

So stay tuned. You might want to gamble and see who wins which week I drop out.

Sunday update - the fragmented edition

**Important congratulations to Fox on the birth of her beautiful baby**

Daylight savings ended overnight and to celebrate I’ve done almost nothing all day to make the most of the extra hour :)

I started reading Wild Pork and Watercress by Barry Crump last night. I hadn't read any of his stories before. For those of you who might not know, Barry Crump is a celebrated author here in New Zealand; a bushman; a hunter; a good keen man. After three chapters I can tell you, he’s a damned fine writer.

The film adaption of this book has opened in cinemas this week to rave reviews for the cast and director Taika Waititi, so I’ll be able to see that soon and let you know how it turned out.

Projects update

Prep work (carpet removal, floor cleaning, wall sizing/under-sealing) before wallpapering guest bedroom.

Prep work (carpet removal, floor cleaning, wall sizing/under-sealing) before wallpapering guest bedroom.

Progress is progressing - so that’s good. 

Stain retardant undercoat on sanded hutch base.

Stain retardant undercoat on sanded hutch base.

My work-days are so full at the moment. While my secondment is going well, I have legacy tasks from my previous job which are more than a small distraction. It’s been a month since I left my responsibilities at my old position and finally I’ve been replaced with someone to “hold the fort” while I’m on the project. 

Phew - I was feeling quite stretched without enough time or energy to dedicate to completing project work because of the left-overs from the old one. While the coming days and weeks will be full-on and I’ll need every working minute, at least my concentration can be focused on the project at hand and not half on another job at the same time.

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