A bulleted list from 2014

  • I talked with Frazer; surely there was a better way than to use an iFrame.
  • My advice was to note all the feedback in a spreadsheet and worry about people's feelings later.
  • As I read his words I realised how angry he was at the delay.
  • The software was slow to update but I kept refreshing the browser until it showed the change.
  • I knew I should clear that voicemail but the little red light wasn't going to boss me around.
  • "I must get more LOLcat pictures" I said to myself as I sent the *fist bump* one to Eaodaine.
  • How can I hear myself think while she's yelling?
  • Moving the little cover from the pig's nose, the pencil tip sharpened as the shavings filled her plastic tummy.
  • Trying to negotiate the kitchen for a cup of tea becomes harder the more people I dislike.
  • It was the first time she ever noticed I was busy and didn't stay to chat.
  • His face looked so sad and I told him so.
  • He emailed back and said he'd already seen the video, as usual.
  • all I really wanted to do was walk to the Courthouse for a coffee but I'd only been at work half an hour.
  • Her walking was fast and furious so I was pleased she was going in the other direction.
  • I exhaled slowly trying to be quiet so no one associated my sigh with her conversation.