Webstock: Day Two

I love Webstock.

Every year I love it more.

But I can't capture the words to describe my experience and do it any justice whatsoever.

From the lollipops on the tables, to the plethora of power points. The speakers oh the speakers. The bar is very high and they clear it every time. The attendees are so open and friendly and talkative. It's not about 'networking' it's about sharing - stories and joy - meeting and laughing and all for one and one for all. But the best, of the best, are the organisers.

Webstock is built with love, by love, for love.

All I can say is go. Go to Webstock. But don't go. Don't tell anyone how great it is. I don't want it ruined by too many more people knowing about it so shush, it's our secret.


sketchnotes for Adam Lisagor talk at Webstock 2012

Collaboratively created notes for all the speakers at Webstock 2012

The sign language translators at Webstock were mesmerising. Such graceful hands and expressive facial expressions:

Webstock 2012: Day One

sketchnotes for Jeremy Keith talk at Webstock 2012

sketchnotes for Erin Kissane talk at Webstock 2012

sketchnotes for Mathew Inman talk at Webstock 2012

Collaboratively created notes for all the speakers at Webstock 2012

The Lost Notes of Webstock: all that remains...

I'm sitting in reception, opposite the Registraion desk. One of the Webstock helpers is practicing her ballet at the counter; the beautiful Tash is sipping champagne and being conversational. A gaggle of ushers have giggled through, their mouths full of snaffled treats.

It's quiet.

The far off applause signals another of the startup finalists have finished their presentation for the Start Up Alley competition in the Ilot Thearte. Someone is going home with ten thousand dollars and two tickets to San Francisco tonight. A real helping hand to a newly formed idea in the shape of a potential business.

The mumbles and the mumurs file out of the theatre - mingling and loitering waiting for the results. Everyone is in their own form of black and variations there of.