Selfie Tuesday!

19,117 days old - wow, this photo looked smaller on my iPhone.

19,117 days old - wow, this photo looked smaller on my iPhone.

I'm home after a few days with family in Australia. We arrived in Melbourne on Thursday morning, before making our way down the Mornington Peninsular to stay at our Airbnb house in Rosebud.

Our trip included a lighthouse, fancy-pants dining, lots of coffee, a few birthday presents for my cousin (the reason for the trip), and buckets of laughter.

It was deliciously cold in Victoria, and rugging-up and taking walks was a wonderful way to spend the time. Sometimes those walks included shopping, and I got a few nice things to craft with while my canny family bought well priced shoes, clothes, and other things that make sense to buy when you're overseas.

I bought scissors. And paper. And stuff I can get here. I had a ball.

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How to set mouse traps

I was looking through some of my old videos and rewatched "Mouse Baiting" (below). There are mice in the countryside and when I lived in Country Victoria (Australia) we had, for a while, a real mouse problem. 

The mudbrick house afforded many ways for a mouse to gain entry to the cosy, food-stocked home where I lived, so we had to get really good at catching and killing mice. Jet, the Jack Russell, became a champion mouse catcher too, but I think the snap-traps were more humane.

Rewatching this video I had actually forgotten that I had real live shots of dead mice near the end so if that's not your thing, you might want to stop the video shortly after the lesson in setting the traps is done.