TV and Rabbits

How're you going?

Yeh, good. Good. You?

Bit tired - fell into the Game of Thrones Wiki last night and took a while to crawl out.

Aw man, that place is a time sink!

Sure is. What have you been up to lately?

Oh not much.

How's the blog?

Yeh good. Good. Started a newsletter.

Yeh? What's that about then?

It's about creating time to be creative. Has little projects you can schedule into your day to surprise you into being creative. Gets sent out every two weeks.

That sounds awesome, how's that going?

Yeh, good. Good. Mostly not doing it - did one issue. Think it's a great idea but mostly not getting it done more than that, but yeh, good.

Oh so, how come it's not getting done?

I'm super busy with other things like, Super busy. getting up early in the morning to get stuff done and stuff like that.


Yeh. Got up at 5am one morning. It was amazing. Energising. Felt so productive. So, mostly not doing that anymore. I've started jogging too. That's good.

No way, you're running?

Well, that one time. It was great - hard, but great. Felt really good and virtuous. Mostly not running now.

Oh. I'm starting to notice a trend.

Yeh I started a trend too but mostly...

Let me guess. mostly not doing it?

How did you guess?

Look, you must be doing something. Something is taking your time.

I think it's television...

You're watching TV?

..and rabbits. Watching TV and rabbits. And Winter. Mostly I'm doing Winter and it's taking all my time.