Sunday quickie

We had the girls this weekend - they like coming to sleepover and we run through all the flavours of looking after munchkins from joy to tears and back again. Tandia (6) impressed her uncle with her knowledge of Dr Who episodes; Chloe (4) can burp louder than any man I've ever met; Dylan (1) fell into a rabbit burrow which speaks both to the size of the burrow and to the size of the child.

I also tried (unsuccessfully, due to quick reflexes (who knew??)) to slice two of my fingertips off whilst chopping rosemary for the roast potatoes. My finger, sporting an oblique slice to the nail, is throbbingly sore but at least everything is still attached.

Tonight Simon and Melissa came over - not just for dinner to celebrate Amy's 26th birthday - but to give me a lesson in kitchen cheese making.  Super awesome! I now have a jar full of oddly shaped but creamy tasting mozerella balls just begging to be melted all over a pizza one day this week.

How did your weekend go?