Warren Zevon Dies When I

Warren Zevon Dies

When I was a teenager, I "looked after" a cardboard box of LPs that belonged to my very-cool-not-that-much-older-than-me Uncle Brian. Motorhead, Jethro Tull, Emmylou Harris, Rolling Stones. But my most favourite and endlessly played album was Warren Zevon's Excitable Boy. And, not so much the Warewolves of London track as all the other fantastic tracks - Excitable Boy, Lawyers Guns and Money, Accidentally Like a Martyr, and my personal fav. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner. When my Uncle took his box of records back, I snuck that one out and never did give it back to him.

boss: you're not well michelle?
me: no, I'm not coming in today.
boss: yes, they said you were sick, you *never* get sick.
me: yeh, a headache - maybe its the stress of having a week off.
boss: Maybe you need to get your eyes tested. You might need glasses.
me: ahh... I *wear* glasses.
boss: you do? oo, shows how much I pay attention to details.

Speaking of music, and understanding now how I spent most of today at home either asleep or in front to the tv - there was an infomercial for the Classic Country Collection. Since when did Elvis sing country? what *is* the world coming to.

Now, you don't want to click this link - no really. I'm only linking to it as a community service to STOP you from going there. I think boys thought this site up.