Sunday uplate

It's April, folks.


Today was a day of chores. Far too many chores for a Sunday. And it was entirely my own fault for being a procrastinator all day yesterday.

It's good get on a cleaning-roll. Picking up, putting away, washing, drying, folding, tucking, plumping, sorting. It makes me feel good and I really do actually enjoy it. Makes me wonder why I put things like tidying up after myself off so often.

The weather

We've got some wild weather coming this week. Rag-tags from the cyclone that hit Queensland last week. Of course nothing as fierce as they faced in Aussie, but enough to need your hutches battened down if you have 'em.

Rabbit update

Those goofy bunnies of mine, they just love being out in the rain. My cousin got a rabbit for her young girls a while back and were so surprised how the bunny kept going out into the rain instead of staying in the dry hutch. Rabbits are weird like that.

I'll need to rearrange the hutches soon and do running repairs in preparation for the Winter months. Not that it snows here or anything drastic, but we can get lots of rain. Last year it flooded their tunnels in the back yard and they weren't very happy about that. 

Working stiff

Work is fantastic; I really am very lucky. We managed to hire someone (finally) to backfill my job so I can concentrate on the web project I'm seconded to. I'm really looking forward to doing mostly project stuff and really move some of our plans for a better web community forward.

I am trying to get to work earlier in the morning so I can leave earlier in the evening. As a dedicated night owl, these changes are challenging, but some days I manage it; just need to make some days more days more often.

Comment posting problems

I heard from @foxmwoods that when she left comments on the previous post, they disappeared after showing a notification that they were awaiting moderation. The email notification wasn't triggered so I am not at all sure what's going on here. I don't have any moderation settings for the comments.

Have you experienced anything like that when leaving comments?

Goodnight Kiwi

Have a great week everyone - see you on the Twitters :)

Sunday update

Do you ever have so much going on that you just can't.. do.. anything?

Over the course of Friday I made a list of what I needed to get done this weekend. I broke it down into hours - both of hours each task would take, and hours I was prepared to spend on each task for the bigger projects. My total was 14 hours for the weekend.

Sweet; no problem. I was going to dedicate my weekend to moving forward.

What did I do? Nothing.

Well not exactly nothing. Yes, on Saturday: nothing. Didn't even get out of my nightie!

Sunday I went to the French markets before dropping into the MINI Garage to test out a few MINI options. Yes, why not look at brand new cars while your jeans remain unhemmed at home, Michelle!

This afternoon I baked a sponge cake and, uncharacteristically, trashed the kitchen in the process.

When I was reading of ways to be French, one of the suggestions was to be your own Grand Aunt. The person in your life who gave you good advice and take you to high tea and generally be a tremendous support for you in your life.

Well my Grand Aunt seems to be an amphetamine addict with erratic compulsions and a desire to disappoint everyone.

For effs sake, the very last thing in the world I need is MORE CAKE! What I need is CLEAN LAUNDRY! and a few more BLOG POSTS!!

Ah well. Weekends are pretty short and the French Market really is a lovely way to start a Sunday. I would like to buy a brand new MINI but I am not really the kind of adult who is old enough to buy a new car.

Have a good week peoples: see you on the internets!


Bedtime story to put you to sleep

Last night was stormier than I can ever remember here in Auckland. Today driving around completing errands, I saw quite a few broken branches and fallen trees. As I typed that I think I need to say “by Auckland standards” because there are other people in New Zealand who still haven’t had their electricity reinstated after this weather bombed the country.

My plan for Sunday was to run three errands - quick local stops to get a few purchases done - then back home to put my feet up on the coffee table and noodle around on the internet while the tennis from Melbourne played on the television.

Sounds great huh?

Day didn’t go to plan. Oh the errands happened, but they took so much longer than planned that by the time I got home it was so late it was time to start thinking about dinner. 

Errand One: BYOD

Two of my grand daughters are at the stage of their school life where they are required to bring a computing device to school. We bought the elder one a Chromebook at PB Tech’s big sale. Isn’t it amazing that we can buy laptops that connect to the internet for ~$300. Oh sure we can still spend kagillions on computers if we want to - but we don’t have to to access the Internet. The old iPad will be my younger grand daughter’s device for school. It’s an older iPad so we bought her a blue-tooth keyboard for it and she’s one happy little clam.

Errand Two: Royal Doulton

We have a homewares store here in New Zealand called Briscoes. It’s known for it’s constant sales and cheap house accessories. Kind of uncharacteristically though, it stocks the Royal Doulton 1815 range. I have a few pieces and really like the range so wanted to pick up a couple of cereal bowls. Get in; get out - that was the plan. As I made my way to the counter with my new bowls, I took a detour past the Jamie Oliver boards and tapas collection and noticed a battered box on the bottom shelf. It was an open, hammer box with Jamie’s pasta maker inside. Turns out it was a display model so reduced by 60% so now I have a new pasta maker!

Errand Three: Supermarket

Thank goodness this was an “in and out” errand. I had a list - I stuck to it - and it didn’t take long at all.

Now it’s late in the evening and I’m updating you on my Sunday while Superman vs Batman is on the TV. 

Last week was a low energy, poor health week for me. I had a few days off work due to a sore throat and general sickliness. I’m feeling good now,  looking forward to work tomorrow and for the week. It’s the last week of our sprint so it’s heads down and focus on getting our stories completed by next weekend.

I’m not sure I could have made this update any more uninteresting actually. Other things happened during those errands, and when I sat down to tell them to you I was sure you were going to enjoy reading. But it seems my energy isn’t where it needs to be, so I shall say good night instead.